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Durham Farm Connections Open House 2024

 Join us for the Durham Farm Connections Open House on April 3, 2024, starting at 3:30 pm until 8:00 pm at the Luther Vipond Memorial Arena located at 67 Winchester Road East in Brooklin, Ontario. 

This interactive event provides attendees with an opportunity to experience agriculture in the Durham Region through interactive stations, live farm animals, seeing tractors and meeting farmers.  See cows, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, learn how veggies grow, what crops are grown in the region and learn about making apple cider.  This is a wonderful opportunity to explore where your food comes from and speak to Durham Region’s farmers.  From kids to grandparents, this event is perfect for the entire family.

Demonstrations will take place throughout the event including cow milking, sheep shearing, a chef-led local food cooking demonstration, wool spinning, and meeting a large animal veterinarian. Don’t miss a chance to help us name our new goat and take part in a free draw for a local food basket.

Admission is free, and food bank donations are appreciated. Durham Farm Connections Open House is a free event offered by the farmers of Durham Region.


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Additional Information:

Durham Farm Connections Open House Demonstration Schedule 2024

4:15 pm            Wool Spinning

4:30 pm            Sheep Shearing

4:45 pm            Food Demonstration

5:15 pm            Bee Keeping

5:30 pm            Cow Milking

5:45 pm            Meet a Large Animal Veterinarian

6:00 pm            Wool Spinning

6:15 pm            Sheep Shearing

6:30 pm            Bee Keeping

6:45 pm            Cow Milking

7:00 pm            Meet a Large Animal Veterinarian

7:15 pm            Wool Spinning

7:30 pm            Sheep Shearing



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